The science behind Phonak technology

As a trusted innovation leader Phonak puts evidence-based science and research at the core of every new product and feature. This page provides a closer look at the science behind the technology that brings together many important features specifically designed to improve user satisfaction levels.

This page will be updated on a continuous basis, providing current scientific evidence about Phonak features and products.

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Publications by topic

  • Roger - Adaptive digital wireless transmission

Publications by type

Phonak Compendium
The Phonak Compendium contains a detailed description and evidence supporting about Phonak’s innovative features.

Phonak Insight
The Phonak Insight cover a series of articles which offer a scientific background to the various features and technologies.

Phonak Field Study News
Phonak applies formal clinical procedures to safeguard the quality of new products. The Field Study News provide summarized information on recent field study results.

Phonak Focus
For more than 15 years now, Phonak Focus has been a respected source of valuable information for hearingcare professionals.

Phonak Fast Facts
A quick overview on a specific feature or function, explained in no more than 250 words.

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Phonak Conference Recordings

Access recordings from scientific conferences sponsored by Phonak