Phonak Quest

There is a Phonak hearing solution to suit virtually every client, whatever their age and degree of hearing loss. Choose from Phonak hearing instruments – available across five performance levels – a uniquely comprehensive pediatric portfolio, simple-to-use wireless accessories and more.

The processing power of our Phonak Quest platform has now been expanded to Essential and Basic performance levels, and a full new portfolio of pediatric solutions. Plus our wireless communication portfolio includes new accessories like the Roger Pen and Roger Clip-On Mic, which are proven to offer industry-leading speech understanding in noise and over distance.

Phonak Sky Q

Sky Q is our new dedicated family of pediatric hearing aids. Choose from four different models, across three performance levels, including a Receiver-In-Canal version.

With Quest features and a variety of Mix & Match color options, there is a Phonak Sky Q model to fit every child.  more

The basics: great sound, great value

We have included Quest technology also in our new basic performance level Q15, to ensure outstanding first-fit acceptance.

Both Phonak Baseo Q and Tao Q offer a perfect balance between performance and affordability, making them the most competitive offering in this performance class.

Phonak Baseo Q
Phonak Tao Q

Phonak Naída Q

Phonak Naída Q - Power Hearing Aid

Life-changing power

Naida Q is a power-hearing aid portfolio that transforms the lives of your clients with profound hearing loss. Binaural VoiceStream Technology™ and SoundRecover enable understanding even in the most challenging listening situations.  more

Wireless Communication Portfolio

Even with modern hearing aids many users with significant hearing loss still can benefit from an extra performance boost – such as when communicating in loud noise and over distance. That’s where Phonak wireless accessories come in.  more

The new game-changing Roger wireless technology

Roger is a new adaptive digital wireless transmission standard running on the 2.4 GHz band. Roger wireless accessories offer:

  • Maximum performance
  • Zero hassle
  • Universal compatibility