Style, control and wireless freedom

Audéo S SMART product family

Audéo S SMART is available in 4 perfomance levels and 12 fresh color combinations.

High-tech Ceramic

For the first time ever, the advantages of high-tech ceramics are now available to hearing instrument wearers. These space-age materials are already widely utilized in luxury consumer goods, aerospace applications and medical implants. Phonak now introduces high-tech ceramic for Audéo S SMART.


Audéo S SMART impresses with revolutionary new binaural applications, adaptive intelligence and can be controlled directly at the ear via a push button or with remote control.

Control and Connectivity Apps

Binaural Directional Apps

Adaptive Intelligence Apps

Signature Apps

Audéo S SMART fitting range

All Audéo S models offer the advantages of external receiver technology - tremendous flexibility, convenience, and very small size.

In addition to the standard power receiver options, Audéo S introduces a new SuperPower receiver.

Standard xReceiver

Power xReceiver

SuperPower xReceiver