Turning one-sided challenges into all around hearing delight

Unique Versatility. Enhanced Esthetics. Easy Fit.


The audio signal from the unaidable ear is sent wirelessly, in real time, from the transmitter to the receiver hearing instrument in the better ear. Robust wireless transmission ensures interference-free hearing. The beauty of this technology is that there is no need for any additional internal or external components. This makes Phonak CROS not only the most sophisticated solution, but also the smallest and lightest.   more


To address listening comfort and usability needs, CROS/BiCROS wearers will enjoy amazing features such as SoundFlow, Real Ear Sound and QuickSync. Thanks to Spice technology, BiCROS wearers will also have access to outstanding sound quality and intelligibility with a host of impressive features including UltraZoom with SNR-Boost, SoundRecover and FlexControl.   more

Phonak Binaural VoiceStream Technology™

Our unique ability to stream bi-directionally in real-time, the full audio bandwidth between two hearing instruments has led to the ultimative CROS solution.

Unique Versatility

Phonak CROS is superbly versatile. It can be mixed and matched with any wireless Phonak Quest and Spice+ hearing instrument, at three performance levels. The choice for CROS/BiCROS clients has never been so extensive.  more

Easy Fit

The beauty of Phonak Target™ fitting software is that it supports your fitting workflow. You will be amazed just how easy it is to fit Phonak CROS to suit these challenging clients, who will be delighted with this groundbreaking new approach to CROS.  more

Phonak CROS fitting range

Fitting range of a receiving ear with normal hearing to a profound hearing loss.  more

Styles & Colors

Enhanced Esthetics

Whether in an award-winning housing or in a small custom shell, Phonak CROS virtually disappears when placed on or in the ear. A delightful color range makes Phonak CROS especially appealing.

WaterResistant - Phonak CROS H2O

Housed in the popular M H2O style, this CROS transmitter meets the industry’s highest standards for water and dust resistance. Together with a WaterResistant BTE or RIC on the better ear, it is the first ever WaterResistant CROS system.