Real Phonak quality in the basic segment

Milo and Milo Plus fulfill the promise that a Phonak is for everyone. Now, even your most cost-sensitive clients can benefit from essential elements of CORE technology. Milo and Milo Plus are easy to fit and accommodate virtually all degrees of hearing loss, featuring WhistleBlock Technology for feedback free hearing, NoiseBlock Processing, Acoustically Optimized Venting (AOV), and more.

Milo / Milo Plus product family

Milo and Milo Plus are available in three behind-the-ear models, including a micro, each with attractive, durable housings. Milo Plus also offers a full range of in-the-ear models. For color ranges see Styles.

Milo / Milo Plus fitting range

The Milo/Milo Plus models are ideally suited for a large variety of audiometric configurations and losses ranging from mild to profound.

iPFG Fitting Software

The groundbreaking Phonak innovations are perfectly complemented by the new iPFG Successware. It gives you access to all the new features and accessories while keeping the process intuitive and straightforward.  more

Milo/Milo Plus - Basic Quality