Wireless Communication Portfolio

The accessories of the Phonak Wireless Communication Portfolio offer great benefits in difficult listening situations and unparalleled speech understanding in noise or over distance. With the latest products, making and receiving phone calls at home or on the go, watching TV, listening to music, streaming movies on a laptop or a tablet, all become more comfortable.

Wireless accessories are easy to use and to demonstrate – a great way of proving benefits to your clients and to impress. The new wireless accessories are compatible with the new Phonak Venture platform.


As the new Venture platform uses an improved wireless technology, existing wireless accessories such as ComPilot, PilotOne or DECT CP1 are not compatible anymore. They were redesigned and updated to ComPilot II, PilotOne II and DECT II to ensure you still have the full choice when it comes to the most challenging listening situations.

Compatibility overview Wireless Accessories

Wireless Accessories - a quick overview

In Class

Roger systems for education bridge the understanding gap in class - bringing the teacher’s words directly into the student’s ear, boosting speech understanding and enhancing learning.  more

Comfort Audio systems

Many hearing aid users and almost all cochlear implant recipients struggle to hear well in group discussions, noisy environments or during phone calls. We offer a full line of Comfort Audio products that supplement hearing aids.  More information on Comfortaudio.com