Fitting made even easier for you and the customers

Hearing care professionals have more fitting flexibility than ever before, with the choice of using iCube or standard fitting interfaces, HI-PRO or NOAHlink.


iCube uses the wireless capabilities of the CORE and Spice Generation platform. This makes it easy to transfer fitting data from your PC, streaming it directly into the hearing instruments. The result: a fast, smooth and reliable CableFree fitting process.

Check  fitting hardware compatibility guide


NOAHlink is based on Bluetooth Technology to fit the hearing instruments of today and the future. Compared to the classic HI-PRO it has fast data communication and a high rate of data transfer. This leads to a fast fitting process which is a big advantage when programming hearing instruments that have lots of program features with large amounts of data to be transferred.

Check  fitting hardware compatibility guide


HI-PRO is the universal interface for programming all types of hearing instruments.

Check  fitting hardware compatibility guide

FM programming interface

This interface unit can be used to program both Dynamic FM and Classic FM receivers.


The inspiro Dynamic FM transmitter is capable of programming all Phonak Dynamic FM receivers.  more

Claus-Peter Reichel about wireless fitting

"The wireless adaptor has the big advantage that I can move around freely with the customer. We also use it very often by suggesting that we go out onto the street or into another room, which is, of course, really quite easy."

Programming Cable


ITE: Plug in-cable 13, 312 or 10A, depending on the battery.