The iPFG is a comprehensive fitting software developed to support you achieve the best possible fitting result. Efficient and user-friendly, it offers a wide range of tools which ensure customer satisfaction. It can be used under NOAH or as a stand-alone version. The latest version is iPFG 2.6.

iPFG Surround Sounds

The iPFG Surround Sounds has been developed for use in conjunction with iPFG 2.2 or higher. The DVD contains contains representative sounds of varying intensities and spectral properties recorded in Surround 5.1 technology. Included are communication situations in quite soundings, speech with background noise, music, and various sounds.

The iPFG includes the iPFG Media Player, which automatically recognizes installed iPFG Surround Sounds and displays the track description. Detailed configuration information can be found in the Quality Criteria for playing back the iPFG Surround Sounds.

iPFG system requirements

Click here to find the system requirements for the current iPFG.