Phonak Target™ 4.1

Quite simply the world’s favorite fitting software. Phonak Target offers best-in-class fitting sophistication and ease of use. A claim confirmed by external surveys and the Phonak worldwide customer satisfaction survey 2014 where it was awarded more first rank places than any of its competitors.

How to upgrade Phonak Target™

Start Phonak Target and click on [Updates] in the start screen.

Available Phonak Target updates and appropriate information are visible at a glance. You can work normally while downloads are processed in the background. The update function requires an internet access.

New Design

Interaction design is crucial in making Phonak Target™ easy and pleasurable to use. The fresh - and yet familiar - look and feel combines the principles of up-to-date software design with the innovation and possibility of hearing technology and science. The user-centered design provides fast and easy access to all fitting parameters and supports your individual workflow.

Transfer Settings

When refitting existing Phonak users with newer technology, it is desirable to maintain the basic elements of the successful fitting. The Transfer Settings function enables easy migration of key elements of the previous fitting, across models and product families and software versions, to the new fitting. Transferred elements include the fitting formula, fine-tuned frequency responses and the customized program structure.

It makes the process of migrating fitting settings more efficient, useful for example when upselling.

Audibility fine tuning

Audibility Fine Tuning is the efficient and focused way to personalize settings to accommodate individual user preferences and listening needs. This novel approach addresses the need for fine tuning to a specific hearing targets, such as speech, own voice, overall loudness and even individual phonemes crucial for speech recognition and intelligibility. Adjustments affect only gain levels and frequencies which are relevant to enhance the audibility of the selected stimuli. The areas of modification are highlighted in the curve display as well as in the gain table. With Audibility Fine Tuning, you can respond to client needs in a fast and precise manner.

Real Time Display

This display option is an enhancement of the existing fitting tools used for tuning and counseling. Speech intelligibility improvements, gain, output, SoundRecover and channel resolution can be easily demonstrated, especially with the available stereo or surround sounds. The Real Time Display is accessible as a fitting curve display, in a client-friendly enlarged view or on a second screen.

Tinnitus Balance

The Tinnitus Balance noise generator is a feature available with all Phonak Audéo V and Phonak Audéo Q products. It offers essential tools to support your tinnitus management philosophy. The latest feature enhancement allows you to mute the gain for manual programs, i.e. for noise generator only use. The use of broadband sound is common in tinnitus management either in the context of masking or sound therapy.

Diagnostic Data History

Phonak Target™ includes a unique and helpful way to manage and review chronologically diagnostic and verification results like audiogram, AudiogramDirect, RECD and REUG. For easy comparison, it is also possible to overlap two curves in the same display. Additionally speech spectrum and sound scenes can be enabled in the audiogram screen.

PPT Interface

Only Phonak Target™ provides an interface to show and apply the results of a preceding Phoneme Perception Test (PPT) to improve the individual hearing instrument fitting. It provides a clear indication if optimal high frequency speech hearing is obtained with the chosen hearing aids.  more

Junior Mode

Pediatric fittings require a holistic, multi-disciplinary approach. Depending upon the age of the child, Junior mode within Phonak Target™ offers age specific defaults and hearing instrument configurations optimized to meet the needs of children and their families. The new Junior mode includes four age ranges: 0-3, 4-8, 9-12 & 13-18 years.

auto Acclimatization

The hearing care professional can specify a duration in which the gain of the hearing aid automatically increases to a set target gain. The benefit to the wearer is, the hearing aid gradually and comfortably acclimatizes, instead of you having to increase the gain session by session. auto Acclimatization is available in the screen [Basic tuning] for all Phonak Venture and Quest hearing instruments.

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