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A child is not a small adult. From their initial evaluation, through to hearing aid selection, counseling and support, children’s needs are very different from those of adults.

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Durable and tamperproof solutions

Challenges such as acceptance and ease of use are important for the first system a child wears. For this age group, tamperproofing, durability and comfort are key in order for even the youngest children to get consistent access to the sounds needed to learn spoken language.

  • Tamperproof battery doors and ear hooks. Phonak complies with and recommends the IEC standard of securing all battery compartments, mini ear hooks, and design-integrated Roger receiver options for children aged up to 36 months so that they are tamperproof.
  • Water and dust resistance. Exclusively designed for kids, all Sky Q models are resistant to water, sweat, and dust, making them the perfect companions for active explorers.
  • Hearing the sounds needed for speech development. Phonak Sky Q features SoundRecover, the proprietary non-linear frequency compression algorithm proven to provide maximum access to high-frequency speech sounds – essential for children developing speech and language.

Our solutions for infants and toddlers

Phonak Sky Q solutions, offering SoundRecover, along with Roger and other accessories, provide a complete hearing solution and allow a child consistent, quality access to those all-important sounds.

Phonak Sky™ Q

The pediatric hearing aid portfolio for optimal access to critical audibility for development of speech and language.

Sky Q Branded M13

Sky Q-M13

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Sky Q Branded UP

Sky Q-SP

Sky Q Branded UP

Sky Q-UP


Roger™ Clip-On Mic

Roger Clip On Mic Perspective

Roger Clip-On Mic is perfect for parents of small children who want clear communication in demanding listening situations.

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Roger™ receivers

Roger 15 Receiver

Small receivers attached to a child’s hearing aid receive the speech directly from the Roger microphone, allowing them to actively listen, learn, and participate in conversations.

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Phonak PilotOne

PilotOne Perspective

For parents of  very young children, adjusting the volume or changing  programs remotely is as easy as pushing a button.

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Phonak DECT cordless phone

DECT Phone in Base Perspective

For a preschooler, learning to listen and talk on the phone is a fun activity. The DECT phone allows children to hear the signal in both ears using Phonak wireless hearing aids.

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