FM Tuki

Tervetuloa FM-tukeen - Täältä löydät vastaukset FM kysymyksiisi ja useita työkaluja FM-järjestelmien valintaan, sovitukseen ja ongelmatilanteisiin. Toivottavasti FM-tuesta on sinulle hyötyä.

FM Konfiguraattori

This tool is designed to help professionals correctly configure new hearing systems by specifying a patient’s hearing instrument or cochlear implant and then configuring the appropriate FM system for their needs (such as the FM transmitter, receiver and adaptor required).

This tool is a major upgrade of the previous version and now features the ability to create a step-by-step fitting guide for any hearing system.  Go to FM Configurator

FM Knowledge Base

A one-stop shop of FM information for both professionals and end users. Here you will find downloadable documents for every Phonak Dynamic FM and Classic FM product, including User Guides, Technical Data sheets, brochures, installation guides, instructional videos, related e-learning materials and more. (Note - you can find these same resources on each relevant product page of
 Go to FM Knowledge Base

FM eLibrary

Phonak’s new and improved FM eLibrary is a powerful FM-specific search engine for hearing professionals. Simply input a search term and the eLibrary engine will display a list of relevant scientific studies, reports and articles.

As with many search engines multiple terms can be entered (separated by a semicolon), plus you can narrow your search by clicking on tags and media types.

   Go to FM eLibrary

The Latest FM News

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