Phonak Quest

Targeted solutions for every type of hearing loss

Hearing aid user satisfaction is directly related to the hearing aids ability to deliver on the their expectation.
The unique technology in the Phonak Quest hearing aids and our wireless accessories offers the
broadest range of features to deliver satisfaction in virtually every soundscape.

Celebrating the Phonak legacy

Movie Phonak Legacy

A video celebrating the Phonak legacy, demonstrating the passion, commitment and expertise of the Phonak team. People from four different countries (USA, Germany, Switzerland and Spain) talk about how they have benefited from Phonak hearing solutions throughout their life and present their achievements.
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Hearing better than people with no hearing loss

Simply Ingenious

Roger Pen

Research by Thibodeau (2013, 2014) shows that over distance in 75dB(A) noise, hearing aid users with a Roger system understand speech better than people without hearing loss by 62 percentage points. The Roger Pen is just one of many ingenious solutions from Phonak.  more

Meet Leo, the New Phonak Pediatric Mascot

Phonak Leo Pediatric Mascot

Leo stars in his own hardback children's book and free iPad app, which contain two stories: Leo gets hearing aids and Leo gets a Roger system. Because our furry friend is easy to relate to, these engaging tales should help children to feel less anxious about their hearing loss and become better able to explain it to others.

A Leo plush toy is also available, which can be used to comfort and entertain children with hearing loss, their families and friends.  Enter Leo's World

Introducing Phonak Sky Q

Phonak Sky Q is our dedicated family of pediatric hearing aids. Choose from four different models, across three performance levels, including a Receiver-In-Canal version.

With Quest features and a variety of Mix & Match color options, there is a Phonak Sky Q model to fit every child.  more

Easy Guide to the Wireless Communication Portfolio

Match your clients’ needs with the right Phonak wireless accessory in 2 steps.

  • Select your client’s listening challenges
  • Choose their current hearing technology

The Easy Guide will then highlight which Phonak accessories can provide a substantial communication boost.

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Roger - Bridging the understanding gap

Roger - Better hearing in noise

Roger is the new digital standard that bridges the understanding gap, in noise and over distance, by wirelessly transmitting the speaker’s voice directly to the listener.

  • The industry’s best ever speech-in-noise performance
  • One-click connection of receivers
  • Suits almost every HI, CI, Baha and soundfield.

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