Using iCom

The freedom of wireless connectivity

Easy, wireless, stereo connection of your hearing system to modern communication and entertainment devices.

Getting Started

How to charge iCom, and how to switch it on.  more

Connection to your Mobile Phone

iCom allows you to connect to your mobile phone wirelessly for hassle free phone use.  more

Listening to Audio Sources

iCom can stream the audio signal from a host of communication and entertainment devices, such as television, GPS systems and stereo equipment. iCom can be connected to these devices either through Bluetooth™ or with a standard audio cable. The stereo sound quality and ease of use means you will enjoy full connectivity to a wireless world.  more

Using FM

iCom is also compatible with the Phonak FM technology, which greatly supports hearing when background noise, distance and echo are present. FM can easily be combined with iCom, giving you the benefit of receiving the FM signal simultaneously in both ears.  more


All Digital Wireless Accessories from Phonak are compatible with all CORE and Phonak Spice Generation hearing instruments, except the Petite models.