CROSLink – The key to hearing when one ear is unaidable

Welcome to the world of universal, wireless CROS

CROSLink is a universal wireless link for patients with one unaidable ear.

CROSLink satisfies CROS needs when the other ear is normal, or BiCROS needs when the better ear is impaired.

It gives wearers instant access to a host of previously inaccessible hearing situations, improving hearing for instance in the car, at meetings and family gatherings, during meals in restaurants and more. CROSLink also ensures better sound awareness and therefore enhanced safety (e.g. in traffic situations).

CROSLink is comfortable, easy to wear (and detach), and compatible with a wide range of BTE hearing instruments. CROSLink can also be used with ear level cochlear implant processors.

CROSLink features

  • Universal – Compatible with almost all BTE hearing instruments.
  • Wireless – Reliable performance without an annoying cable.
  • Aesthetically appealing – Compact design of receiver and transmitter.
  • Versatile – Ideal for CROS or BiCROS fittings.
  • Functional – Volume control and detachable receiver.
  • Easy to fit – Just clip and go!