Phonak Ambra - Features & Benefits

More features for lasting delight. A host of high performance features perfectly complements the revolutionary new capabilities of the Phonak Spice Generation.


StereoZoom - Focuses on a single voice in a noisy crowd
StereoZoom employs wireless full bandwidth audio streaming and sophisticated binaural processing technologies to create a bi-directional network of four microphones, enabling a highly focused front directional beam.  more

auto ZoomControl

auto ZoomControl - Automatic focus wherever speech comes from.
The introduction of ZoomControl set a standard for directional hearing. Auto ZoomControl takes this processing concept to the next level, automatically tracking and focusing on speech regardless of the direction, without the need to face the speaker.

UltraZoom Premium

Directional microphone technology reinvented
UltraZoom Premium, a sophisticated adaptive multichannel microphone system, applies a unique directional noise cancellation system called SNR-Boost.


FlexControl - A breakthrough in intelligent user interaction
FlexControl enhances and personalizes the SoundFlow Premium automatic system, influencing multiple parameters in a targeted manner. Instead of just making sounds louder or softer, real-time classification of the soundscape enables the system to understand the intention of a manual action.  more

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