More Hearing. Small Size. Easy Use.

Audéo MINI, the smallest Phonak ever, is for clients for whom size and cosmetics are the main issues: it’s so tiny and automatic they can just wear it and forget it. Audéo MINI features SoundRecover for providing audibility of high frequencies, VoiceZoom for improved speech intelligibility, SoundFlow and more.

Audéo MINI Product Family

Audéo MINI available in three performance levels and eleven colors.

Audéo MINI fitting range

Audéo MINI offers a wide fitting range with two external receivers: Standard CRT receiver for mild to moderately-severe hearing losses and Power CRT receiver for moderate to severe hearing losses.

iPFG Fitting Software

Phonak innovations are perfectly complemented by the new iPFG Successware. It gives you access to all the new features and accessories while keeping the process intuitive and straightforward.  more

red dot design awards

Phonak awarded with the prestigious "red dot design award 2010"

Audéo MINI the smallest behind-the-ear hearing device was awarded with “red dot design award 2010” for its quality of design and the high innovation degree in the Audéo MINI hearing system. It disappears completely behind the ear while offering maximum performance.

iF design awards

Phonak succeeds at iF design awards 2010

Audéo MINI, Audéo SMART and mobile phone link Click’nTalk awarded with iF product design award

Phonak strongly focuses on functionality, quality and design in its product development. This focus has been broadly acknowledged: The new hearing aid Audéo MINI and Audéo SMART as well as the innovative mobile phone link Click’nTalk have been awarded with the iF product design awards 2010 in the category „Medicine/ Health + Care“.