Certéna Art - FM Solutions

A Phonak FM bridges the gap - When it comes to understanding speech in noise or from a distance, nothing beats the performance of an FM system, that transmits sound directly from source to ear. It consists of an FM microphone (transmitter) and one or two FM receivers. Dynamic FM, is now available in three new transmitters for adults and teenagers: SmartLink+, ZoomLink+ and EasyLink+.

FM Transmitters

Phonak has developed a versatile user friendly range of FM transmitters, for improved speech understanding. Any Phonak transmitter can be used with the MicroLink (ML) receivers.


SmartLink+ is the product for those who want nothing less than the very best.

FM Receivers

Phonak FM receivers are distinguished by their miniaturization, compatibility and flexibility. These FM receivers are not only compatible with Phonak hearing instruments, but also with hearing instruments of most other brands and models on the market.


The new ML12i, is the beautifully design-integrated MicroLink receiver for the Phonak CORE micro hearing instruments.

Explore the sound with Dynamic FM!