OK! Plus - Fitting

Phonak continuously improves the way hearing instruments are fit. With AudioSet™ we offer a unique, straightforward way of fitting hearing instruments - no computer is necessary.


AudioSet™ offers a unique new way to program digital hearing instruments.

AudioSet™ provides four different settings. Each setting stands for a typical audiogram shape. The four different shapes in each of the three fitting ranges multiply to a total of twelve different settings. These settings have been created using statistical methods: Phonak Research has analyzed 15 000 audiograms and determined the twelve most common audiogram shapes, covering 80 - 90% of hearing losses. Combined with the wide range of selectable volume levels, nearly every type of hearing loss can be fitted with one of the four settings of AudioSet™.

Every setting of AudioSet™ is a combination of gain, compression and Phonak technologies for effective feedback and noise reduction.

AudioSet™ instructional video