Versáta Art - Fitting and Acoustic Coupling

Phonak continuously improves the way hearing instruments are fit. Our hearing solutions are complemented by comprehensive fitting hardware and software, applying the wireless capabilites of the CORE platform with a CableFree Fitting solution.

Phonak Target™

Fitting that fits you
Hearing care professionals worldwide helped us develop and perfect Phonak Target™. We kept at it until we achieved the ideal combination of fitting sophistication and ease of use. Prepare to be delighted!  more

iCube, the CableFree Fitting device

iCube uses the wireless capabilities of Spice Generation and Core platform. This makes it easy to transfer fitting data from your PC, streaming it directly into the hearing instruments. The result: a fast, smooth and reliable CableFree fitting process.

iPFG Fitting Software

Phonak innovations are perfectly complemented by the new iPFG Successware. It gives you access to all the new features and accessories while keeping the process intuitive and straightforward.  more

Claus-Peter Reichel about wireless fitting

"The wireless adaptor has the big advantage that I can move around freely with the customer. We also use it very often by suggesting that we go out onto the street or into another room, which is, of course, really quite easy."