Nios S H2O - AccessLine

More wireless freedom with Phonak AccessLine.


Design-integrated Dynamic FM receiver

Miniature, design-integrated Dynamic FM receiver for the Phonak Bolero Q-M13, Nios S H2O, Naída S CRT and the M H2O models of Phonak Ambra, Phonak Solana, Phonak Cassia and Phonak Dalia hearing aids.  more

Phonak ComPilot

Lets children connect

Staying in touch and leading an active social life means children have to be able to connect with communication and entertainment systems. The ComPilot offers seamless StereoSound connectivity to audio sources such as computers, mobile phones, TV and MP3 players.  more

Phonak TVLink S

Switch on to a great TV experience

Children love TV and this dedicated Phonak TV solution offers an exceptional listening experience. True “plug and play” and one-step set-up means its ready to go in less than 60 seconds. Let them turn on, tune in and hear everything!  more

Dynamic FM

Bridging the gap

When it comes to understanding speech in noise or from a distance, nothing beats Phonak Dynamic FM**. It delivers outstanding hearing performance at home,in day care or classroom situations for children of all ages, from infants right through to teenagers.

The key innovation of Dynamic FM is the Adaptive FM Advantage (AFMA), an algorithm that automatically adjusts the output of the FM receiver to take into account any surrounding ambient noise. A host of user-friendly transmitters and design-integrated receivers are available, offering optimal cosmetics and water resistance*. The universal receiver can be worn at ear level or on a neck loop, making this flexible option appealing to all.

** Linda Thibodeau. Benefits of Adaptive FM Systems on Speech Recognition in Noise for Listeners Who Use Hearing Aids. American Journal of Audiology, Vol. 19, 36-45, 2010.Jace Wolfe, Erin C. Schafer, Benjamin Heldner, Hans Mülder, Emily Ward, Brandon Vincent. Evaluation of Speech Recognition in Noise with Cochlear Implants and Dynamic FM. J Am Acad Audiol 20:409-421, 2009.

* Naída S with design-integrated FM receiver has an IP54 rating. Nios S H2O and Naída S CRT with design-integrated FM have an IP67 rating.