Nios S H2O - Fitting

Phonak continuously improves the way hearing instruments are fit. Our hearing solutions are complemented by comprehensive fitting hardware and software, applying the wireless capabilites of the Phonak Spice Generation with a CableFree Fitting solution.

Phonak Target™

Software that fits your pediatric fitting
Junior Mode was the first dedicated pediatric fitting mode. Junior Mode empowers you to get the best out of every Phonak hearing solution for every child.  more

Phonak Target™ Junior Mode

  • Verification Mode. Designed to make verification easy and efficient.
  • Enhanced Junior defaults for teenagers. A manual telephone program has been added. In addition the directional microphone is activated in SoundFlow automatic.
  • Junior Quick Overview. At the touch of a button an “at-a-glance” view of the key aspects of the child’s fitting is shown.
  • Audiogram view. It is now possible to change the audiogram to either SPL or HL, making it ideal for counseling purposes.
  • Junior Mode reminder. An information alert prompts the professional to switch to the age appropriate Junior Mode as the child grows older.
  • Fully customizable. The junior defaults can be customized to suit individual fitting philosophies.
  • Easy access to the Junior Reports. A broad selection of customizable, printable Junior Reports is accessible in over 20 languages. Reports are tailored to the specific needs of various readers, including the child, parent, teacher or other caregiver.

Nios S H2O fitting range

Nios S H2O fitting range covers mild to severe hearing loss, all audiometric configurations.

Dark green: Fitting range with SlimTube HE
Light green: Additional range with Hook/mini Hook