Using Phonak RemoteMic

How it works
RemoteMic is clipped onto the speaker's clothing and sends the speech wirelessly to the hearing aids via a Phonak streamer.


Getting to know your RemoteMic

The RemoteMic elements.  more

Status lights of the RemoteMic

Understanding the status lights.  more

Daily Use

RemoteMic streaming

After the initial setup, the streaming of the microphone signal starts automatically when the devices are switched on.  more

Volume control of the RemoteMic

It is easy to control the volume during the use of RemoteMic.  more

Pause and resume RemoteMic streaming

The ComPilot main button is used to pause and resume the RemoteMic streaming.  more

RemoteMic and phone calls

If ComPilot is paired with a cell phone, phone calls can be received, even whilst using the RemoteMic.  more

Charging the RemoteMic

To charge, gently plug the mini-USB plug into the RemoteMic mini-USB socket.  more