The new benchmark in speech-in-noise testing

LiSN-S PGA is the new benchmark speech-in-noise test for patients with an existing hearing loss. This unique diagnostic tool allows clinicians to accurately measure how well patients understand speech in noise, before recommending the hearing technology that best fits their needs.

LiSN-S PGA is an adaptive test that is administered under specially configured headphones (supplied) where stimuli are spatially separated in a virtual 3D world that intelligently mimicks a free field test set-up.

The test is scientifically robust and takes just 5 minutes to run. After using LiSN-S PGA to assess the speech in noise performance of a patient with an existing hearing loss, the software provides tailored technology recommendations to help you educate your patient on form of hearing technology will best meet their needs.

LiSN-S PGA suits all English-speaking patients aged 6 and above. The tool was developed by Dr. Sharon Cameron and Dr. Harvey Dillon of National Acoustic Laboratories of Australia (NAL) and is distributed by Phonak.