LiSN-S PGA Software Versions

Your at-a-glance guide to current and previous versions of Phonak’s LiSN-S PGA speech-in-noise testing software. Use this page to view new features and updates, and to check that you have the very latest version installed.

(If you find you are not using the latest version of LiSN-S PGA, the process is simple. Either activate your software’s Internet Upgrade Service feature or download the compressed Zip file in this page’s right-hand Downloads box - then just Unzip it (Extract All Files) and double-click to install.)


August 2012: This version includes a Phonak Soundcard detection improvement for Windows 7 and a new internet update pop-up function.


January 2012: The original launch version of LiSN-S PGA features the Prescribed Gain Amplifier (PGA) module, which is used to screen any English-speaking patients, aged 6 or above, who have an existing hearing loss. The module amplifies stimuli to compensate for a pure tone audiogram hearing loss, and clear technology recommendations are then proposed based on the diagnostic outcomes provided.