Welcome to FM CounselWare, an online resource for audiologists and hearing specialists who counsel and fit personal FM systems to teenage and adult clients. For FM guides and information aimed specifically at the education sector, please visit eSchoolDesk.

Introducing FM

If you are new to FM, click here to learn how this wireless technology works and how it can help people with a hearing loss or attention-related disorder to better identify and understand speech in noise or over distance.

How to use Phonak FM

Learning your way around Phonak’s FM systems will help you to better fit and advise your FM clients. The following useful links should help:
Product Video Guides / FM Care & Maintenance

Studies & Reports

Phonak’s FM eLibrary is a searchable database of FM-related studies and reports.

How do you test APD?

LiSN-S by Phonak and NAL is a simple and effective way to update your APD test battery. Learn more