Phonak Hearing Screener

hearing screener

An online hearing test that can be integrated into any hearing care professional website or campaign to create more leads.

Why create your own online hearing test?

New users are looking for effective and convenient ways to test their hearing. A simple test that doesn’t require them to visit a hearing care professional.

They want to know: “Do I have a hearing loss and do I need to do something about it?”

HCPs would like to attract new clients into their clinic to assist them with hearing loss. This includes potential future clients of all ages.

Download the Hearing Screener set-up guide below to learn how to create and promote your Hearing Screener.


Guide: Hearing Screener set-up guide


Value Proposition

  • Phonak Hearing Screener is a convenient web touchpoint to attract new clients.
  • Phonak Hearing Screener is a 3 min online hearing test. The result is available immediately and a detailed report can help clients to make a decision for their next step.





Please note: Before you can create your own Hearing Screener, you will need a PhonakPro eServices account with permissions set to ‘Yes’ for the Hearing Screener in your user profile settings.

If you don't have a eServices account, click on the link below and then click on the green 'Create Your ID' button to create onet.

If you need further assistance with setting up an eServices account, please contact your local Audiology and Sales Support Representative.

Create eServices Account


Get started

Click the button below to customise your own online hearing test and start generating leads.

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Remote Support

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Stay connected with your clients - assist them and adjust hearing aids remotely in real-time.

Hearing Diary

Pic_screen_and smartphone_Hearing-Diary.png.png

An easy way for clients to communicate and share their hearing aid experience with their hearing care professionals.

myPhonak app


Stay connected with your clients and adjust their hearing aids remotely in real-time.

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