FM Receivers

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Small receivers that transmit the signal from a Dynamic FM microphone to your clients hearing instrument or cochlear implant.

Receiver types

Dynamic FM Receiver

Design-integrated Dynamic FM receivers

Design-integrated Dynamic FM receivers for Phonak hearing aid wearers which perfectly complement the sleek contours of Phonak hearing aids and are available in matching colors.

There are also design-integrated receivers compatible with selected cochlear implants (CIs) from Cochlear and are available in the same colors as the CI sound processor.

MLxi universal Dynamic FM receiver


MLxi is a universal Dynamic FM receiver, compatible with almost every hearing aid and cochlear implant speech processor on the market. It functions when connected to an audio shoe or streamer.

Roger MyLink neckloop receiver


An entry-level Dynamic FM receiver with a neckloop. Compatible with all T-coil hearing instruments and cochlear implants.

iSense Micro

iSense Micro

A trendy, Bluetooth-style Dynamic FM receiver for children with normal hearing but attention-related issues.


Receiver colors

Design-integrated receivers are available in colors complementing the hearing aid color.

Guide: FM Receiver color guide

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