Remote Support - Getting Started


Healthcare provider

  • Before you can start using Phonak Remote Support, you will need a PhonakPro eServices account with permissions set to ‘Yes’ for Remote Support access in your user profile. If you don't have an eServices account, click here to create one, then click on the green 'Create Your ID' button to create your account. If you need further assistance with setting up an eServices account, please contact your local Audiology and Sales Support Representative.

  • A computer with an integrated webcam or microphone, or an external webcam and microphone connected to the computer, is required so that the client can see you and hear you on the video call.

  • Computer speakers need to be enabled on the computer so that you can hear the client (ensure that the sound settings for the video call have your external speakers selected. You can do this by clicking the settings 'cog' in the top right corner of the video call window.)

  • Ensure that you have good internet access & speed. Speed test within Target*

  • Install that the latest version of Phonak Target software onto your desktop or laptop.

  • *Top tip: Before starting Remote Support for the first time, we recommend that you perform the ‘Test internet connection’ and ‘Test remote support connection’ within Phonak Target, to make sure that you are ready to use Remote Support.


  • Must have Phonak Audéo™ Marvel, Bolero™ Marvel, Virto™ Marvel, Naida™ Marvel, or Audéo™ B-Direct hearing aids (excludes Virto M NW models).

  • Must have access to an email account.

  • Must have a smartphone with Bluetooth 4.2 or newer. Please check this link for phone compatibility.

  • Must have their email synced to their phone. We recommend the client completes this in the clinic.

  • Top tip: If the client does not have a smartphone, or if their phone is not compatible with the myPhonak app, they may be able to use a friend or family member’s compatible phone (if that friend or family member is willing to help).

  • Must have their phone connected to the internet; and will need good internet access and speed. It is recommended to use Wi-Fi if possible to avoid data charges with 3G and 4G.

  • Must have the myPhonak app installed onto their phone before a remote session can commence. Top tip: Ensure that the client downloads the myPhonak app in your clinic before they leave the first fitting appointment. They can also download the app at home.

  • The clinician should then send an invite to join the remote support, then the client should activate with the myPhonak App. Otherwise, follow up and ensure they do it after the appointment. Click here to download the myPhonak app 3.0   

Getting started

Once you have followed the above requirements, you can now send an invitation to the client. For detailed instructions on how to set-up remote support and send an invitation to the client, please download the Remote Support set-up guide below.


Guide: Remote Support set-up instructions


Download the guide below and forward it to your client to help them set up Remote Support on their phone. 

Guide: Client guide - Getting started with Remote Support

Support material and articles

See below further support including guides, videos, FAQs and articles.

Instructions for use

User Guide: myPhonak app

To view the instructions for use, you must have Adobe Acrobat Reader installed. Visit to download. To obtain a free paper copy of the instructions for use, please contact your local manufacturer representative. A copy will be sent within 7 days.

Instructional videos

Video: How to conduct Audiogram Direct with Remote Support

Video: How to prepare for Remote Support & Hearing Diary

Video: How to start a Remote Support session


Guide: Troubleshooting & FAQs –Remote Support

Guide: AudiogramDirect with Phonak Remote Support

Guide: FAQs - Audiogram Direct

Technical Paper: Fast Facts: Optimizing high frequency gain during Phonak Remote Support

Other downloads

Untagged PDF: PH_Configuration_firewall_Remote_Support_EN


Technical Paper: Phonak Insight: Taking theory to practice: Integrating Phonak eAudiology into clinical practice

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