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Severe to profound hearing loss: A fresh approach

An online conference by Phonak and Advanced Bionics
January 30th -  February, 1st 2022


Sunday, January 30 (EST time zone):

2:00 - 2:15 Conference Opening & Welcome (15 min)
Laura Turton (UK)
2:15 - 3:00 Keynote: Disparities in Hearing Healthcare (45 min)
Jacob Hunter (US)

Session 1: The challenges facing individuals with Severe to Profound Hearing Loss 

Session Chair: Laura Turton (UK)

3:00 - 3:30 The person behind the ears: the daily challenges of living with severe to profound hearing loss (30 min)
Lorraine Gailey (Uk)
3:30 - 4:00 Perceptual consequences of severe-profound hearing loss (30 min)
Brian Moore (UK)
4:00 - 4:15 Break (15 min)
4:15 - 5:00 Poster session (45 min)  
5:00 - 5:30 Marketplace (30min)
from 5.30 pm all further sessions open to watch:

Session 2: Customizing the treatment plan

Session Chair: Laura Turton (UK)

  Considerations for customizing the treatment plan (30 min)
Laura Turton (UK)
  Choosing hearing aid features for listeners with severe to profound loss (30 min)
Pam Souza (US)
  Slow compression speed for clients who need it (30 min)
Bernadette Fulton (CH)
  Panel Discussion: Training the brain: Music, Auditory Training, HearingSuccess (60 min)
Chris Rocca (UK), Christy Ray (US), Valeri LeBeau (US) - moderated by Valeri LeBeau (US)
  Wireless Technology for all settings (30 min)
Linda Thibodeau (US)
  The CI referral journey (30 min)
Judith Bird (UK)

Session 3: Impactful Considerations

Session Chair: Laura Turton (UK)

  Intraoperative electrocochleography and residual hearing preservation in cochlear implants (30 min)
Aniket Saoji (US)
  Access to Social Support to Increase Adoption and Satisfaction of Hearing Technology (30 min)
Krista Heavner (US) and selected Mentor
  Panel Discussion: Running the CI Marathon:  Becoming Bimodal ( 60 min)
Moderated by: Carrie Spangler
Solange Anderson (CH) - Letting go of the past to embrace the future – transitioning to new hearing aid technology
Tina Childress (US) – Everyday Technology Tips from a Signing, Deaf Audiologist
Peter Stelmacovich (CA) – Service dogs
Carrie Spangler (US) – Making the journey from HA to CI
  Bimodal considerations for hearing with two ears ( 30 min)
Meredith Holcomb (US)
  Optimizing bimodal benefit: Speech perception, localization, acceptance and usability (30 min)
Sepp Chalupper (DE)
  Endnote : Future Directions in Hearing Health Care for Sever to Profound hearing loss (30 min)
Stefan Launer (CH)
  Closing remarks
Laura Turton (UK), Lisa Dyre (US)

Monday, January 31 (EST time zone)

3:00 - 4:00

Live Q&A of Session 1 & 2 presenters (60 min):

  Laura Turton (UK)  ​
  Lorraine Gailey (UK)  ​
  Pam Souza (US)  ​
  Chris Rocca (UK)  ​
  Christy Ray (US)  ​
  Linda Thibodeau (US)  ​
  Valeri LeBeau (US)  
  Moderated by: Bernadette Fulton (CH)  

Tuesday, February 1 (EST time zone)

3:00 - 4:00

Live Q&A of Session 3 presenters (60 min):

  Aniket Saoji (US)  ​
  Krista Heavner (US)  ​
  Solange Anderson (US)  ​
  Tina Childress (US)  ​
  Peter Stelmacovich (CA)  ​
  Carrie Spangler (US)  ​
  Meredith Holcomb (US)  
  Sepp Chalupper (DE)  
  Moderated by: Bernadette Fulton (CH)