Sound Delivery System 4.0


Sound Delivery System 4.0 (SDS 4.0) is het nieuwe akoestische koppelingen portfolio. Ontworpen om de Marvel-hoortoestellen te ondersteunen, biedt SDS 4.0 robuuste, betrouwbare en comfortabele akoestische koppelingen.

SDS 4.0 Fit and Go Kit

SDS 4.0 heeft een nieuwe Fit and Go box. Met alle SDS 4.0 componenten die u nodig heeft om Phonak Marvel hoortoestellen aan te passen.


Inhoud van de Kit:

  • Speakers in alle power levels en maten
  • Domes in alle maten
  • Retentie in alle maten
  • CeruShield TM Disk
  • Aanvullende tools

SDS 4.0 items



Newly designed receiver with robust housing and cable connection for every day reliability. New M receiver offers hearing performance close to a P receiver, in a size close to a S receiver. Receiver spout designed for «One-Click» connection with new SDS 4.0 domes.



New additional Cap dome for narrow canals. Balloon shaped Vented dome offering an acoustic coupling between open and power domes. Open and power dome re-designed for better retention and comfort


CeruShield™ Disk


-New Phonak exclusive wax protection system
-Compatible with all SDS 4.0 receivers




-New design
-Snap-on to receiver housing for stable positioning
-Available 3 sizes S, M and P


Receiver handling tool


-Mounting to accomodate S, M and P receivers
-To assist with inserting receiver into SlimTip