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5th Phonak European Pediatric Conference, Berlin

Date: June 16 - 18, 2016    
Location: Berlin, Germany

Event Materials

Session I - State of the art / new protocols

Topic 1

Presentation: Guiding the provision of hearing devices to the pediatric population

Marlene Bagatto

Topic 2

Presentation: Current perspectives on minimal and mild hearing loss in children

Anne Marie Tharpe

Topic 3

Presentation: Case studies – Panel discussion

Andrea Bohnert, Josephine Marriage

Session II - Early identification and diagnosis of hearing loss

Topic 1

Presentation: Introduction of ABR, pitfalls, quality etc.

Karsten Plotz

Topic 2

Presentation: ABR Peer Review - ensuring quality and promoting learning

John FitzGerald

Topic 3

Presentation: Aided Cortical: bridging the gap between early fitting and behavioral assessment

Kevin J Munro

Session III - Conductive hearing loss: assessment and management issues

Topic 1

Presentation: Middle ear effusion - an often underestimated problem in the assessment after NHS - Wideband Tympanometry

Thomas Wiesner

Topic 2

Presentation: Bone conduction BOA - why and when

Kristin Kerkhofs

Topic 3

Presentation: Bone Conduction Auditory Brainstem Response Testing (BC-ABR) - performance and interpretation.

John Fitz Gerald

Session IV - The role of personal technology

Topic 1

Presentation: Hear well or hearsay? The effectiveness of modern wireless technologies for improving hearing performance in noise

Jace Wolfe

Topic 2

Presentation: Audibility, discrimination and hearing comfort at a new level: SoundRecover2

Michael Boretzki

Topic 3

Presentation: Musical Baby Play- Importance of Evidence Based Habilitation - maximizing the potential of technology

Chris Rocca

Topic 4

Presentation: The Hear the World Foundation: Aims and progress

John Bamford

Session V - Beyond audibility

Topic 1

Topic 2

Presentation: Can microphone technology make listening in the classroom easier?

Erin Picou

Topic 3

Presentation: New automatic operation of hearing instruments: Performance in school situations

Manuela Feilner

Topic 4

Presentation: Assessment of listening quality in hearing impaired primary school children attending inclusive classrooms

Barbara Bogner

Session VI - Putting families first

Topic 1

Presentation: Impact of multiple technologies on families: Considerations in real life

Janet Des Georges

Topic 2

Presentation: Family-focused early intervention: Mechanism of action and outcomes

Daniel Holzinger

Topic 3

Presentation: What parents wants from Services

Wendy Mccracken

Session VII - Acoustic and electrical devices

Topic 1

Presentation: Hearing aids and cochlear implants: Indications/directions

Annerose Keilmann

Topic 2

Presentation: Bimodal fi tting – benefits and evaluation

Hartmut Meister

Topic 3

Presentation: Cochlear implantation in SSD/AHL Children

Prof Dr. Susan Arndt