We invite you on a journey with our new Venture platform brought to life in the new Phonak Audéo V Receiver-In-Canal (RIC) hearing aid family. This state-of-the-art platform marks the beginning of a new generation of hearing solutions.

Powered by the Venture chip technology, Audéo V provides twice the processing power while reducing battery consumption. The result: listening experiences that are as unique and individual as are hearing aid wearers’ lives and preferences.

Power Hearing Solutions

In order to provide clients with severe to profound hearing loss access to more of life’s conversations, a certain degree of power is required. For this reason the Phonak Naída Q is the optimal choice and when partnered with Roger, an outstanding hearing experience is created to overcome challenging listening situations – especially when dealing with near and far field speech and sound.

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Phonak Audéo V

Phonak Audéo V

Phonak Audéo V is our new family of Receiver-In-Canal (RIC) hearing aids, powered by our cutting-edge Venture chip technology.

In a sleek, modern design and a shell reinforced with high-tech composite materials for more robustness, Audéo V is available in four performance levels and offers a wide choice of colors. It immediately recognizes and seamlessly adapts to more of your client’s listening situations than ever before.  more

Phonak EasyCall - The solution for every cell phone brand

Phonak EasyCall

Phonak EasyCall is the new wireless accessory for seamless cell phone calls. It works out-of-the-box and requires no fitting: simply attach EasyCall to the back of any cell phone to stream a call to both of yor client’s Audéo V hearing aids.  more

Phonak Target™ 4.0

Phonak Target

The new Venture platform also encompasses an updated version of Phonak Target: our fitting software that allows you to tap into the full customization potential of Phonak hearing aids.

With an enhanced, intuitive interface and a fresh – but familiar – look and feel, Phonak Target 4.0 offers great flexibility, making it easier for you to provide your clients with individual solutions that best cater to their unique needs.  more

Phonak AutoSense OS

Phonak AutoSense OS

Phonak AutoSense OS marks the next generation of technology automation: for a seamless and effortless adaption from one soundscape to another. AutoSense OS accurately captures and analyzes the sound environment and then more precisely than ever before blends feature elements from multiple programs in real time to provide a seamless listening experience.  more

Simply ingenious solutions for every hearing need

We are happy to share with you our new online page which helps you to easily explore our broad portfolio of solutions per target group. This tool has been developed for use with tablets as well as on computers.

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