Information for yourself, the HCP

Healthcare professional

Heading back to business with Phonak means that you as an HCP are well prepared for the “new normal”.

Life is on…again.

While you’re getting back to business, Phonak has your back. Here are all the resources you need to help you recover. We’ve developed an extensive support package to guide and support you in:

  • preparing your clinics to receive clients again, safely and efficiently,
  • training and educating for you and your staff on effective marketing and sales strategies to further drive clinic success.

We focus all efforts on helping you navigate this new reality so that they can go back to what they do best – providing best practice audiological care. So, what do you need to get back to business?


Preparing your clinic:

Clinic Preparation Handbook


Get back to business - well prepared

Clinic preparation handbook

Your guide to sanitary considerations for your clinic

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Training: Considerations for safe in-clinic service delivery

Do you know what the effects of wearing a facemask on sound levels?

Learn how you can adapt for in-clinic appointments, PPE considerations, the implications of face masks and tips for wearing masks with hearing aids

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Training: BRIDGE to clinical care

This training looks at what re-opening will look like, new approaches and BRIDGE (Blended Real-time Interactions and Digital Guided Experiences)

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How to implement eAudiology with Phonak eSolutions

eAudiology Best practice thumb.JPG

Training: eAudiology Best Practice

Why you should include eAudiology into your clinical practice

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eSolutions DSDM thumb.JPG

Training: eSolutions, Digital Service Delivery Model

Comprehensive overview of the rich Phonak portfolio of eSolutions   

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