Pediatric Solutions

Because a child is not a small adult. From their initial evaluation, through to hearing aid selection, counseling and support, children’s needs are very different from those of adults.

pediatric teens

Discreet solutions with excellent performance and connectivity for teens

As children progress into their teen years, their world grows beyond family and school. Having the ability to easily communicate in social and extracurricular activities is crucial for their well-being.

  • Direct connectivity. Teens and young adults are online and on their mobile devices more than any other age group. Now, with Phonak Audéo Marvel, teens can seamlessly connect their hearing aids to their Bluetooth® enabled phones, tablets and computers.

  • Rechargeability. Available with powerful rechargeable technology, Marvel hearing aids are super-quick charging and long lasting. They deliver a full day of hearing, including a typical day of teenage streaming.

  • Ultimate technology. RogerDirect™* allows Roger™ microphones to stream directly to hearing aids without the need of an external receiver. This combination is perfect for understanding speech in noise and over distance. (*coming August 2019)

  • Attractive colors. Phonak Sky™ B comes in an exclusive Mix & Match concept incorporating 14 hearing aid and Roger receiver colors and 7 colored ear hooks. Teens can select a color combination that complements their style and personality.

  • Excel at school. Hearing aids should seamlessly connect to assistive systems used in schools. Sky B devices with direct audio input are RogerReady and will automatically detect the signal from a Roger microphone and activate the Roger + Mic program. This enables teens to have access to the Roger signal at any point.

  • Outdoor activities and sport. The life of a teen should not be limited by the durability of their technology. The IP68 rated, water-resistant and dust tight Sky B hearing aids along with dedicated Roger receivers, help a teen to fully participate in just about every activity.

Our solutions for teens

Phonak Audéo Marvel – Fully connected to a teen’s life

This multifunctional hearing aid acts like wireless stereo headphones while providing exceptional performance throughout the day. It offers direct connectivity to iOSTM, AndroidTM and Bluetooth® enabled phones and connects to a variety of everyday electronics, like TV and multimedia.

Sky Q Branded UP

Audéo M-312

Sky Q Branded UP

Audéo M-RT

Coming August 2019

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Sky Q Branded M13

Audéo M-R

Sky Q Branded UP

Audéo M-312T

Sky Q Branded UP

Audéo M-13T


Phonak Sky™ B – The key to unlocking a child’s full potential

This portfolio of hearing aids allows teens to access a broad soundscape, regardless of their hearing loss or personal style.

Sky Q Branded UP


Sky Q Branded UP

Sky B-SP

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Sky Q Branded M13

Sky B-M

Sky Q Branded UP

Sky B-UP

Sky Q Branded UP

Sky B-P

Sky Q Branded UP

Sky B-PR


Roger Select™


State-of-the-art RogerTM wireless microphone that offers excellent speech understanding in noise. Placed in the center of a table, it allows clients to fully...

Roger™ Touchscreen Mic

Roger Touchscreen Mic Standing

This exciting and easy to use wireless teacher microphone is the core component of the Roger for Education portfolio and gives students and teachers alike the opportunity...

Phonak DECT II cordless phone

DECT II Phone in Base Perspective

The Phonak DECT II phone is an easy way to stay in touch when a teen wants to talk to his or her friends.

Roger™ receivers

Roger 15 Receiver

Small receivers attached to a teen’s hearing aid receive speech directly from a Roger microphone, allowing them to actively listen, learn, and participate in a conversation.

Phonak PilotOne II

PilotOne II Perspective

Phonak ComPilot II, a wireless streamer, allows a teen to connect to multiple Bluetooth devices, audio input, and Roger or FM universal receivers.

Roger Pen™

Roger Pen Family

Provides teens a remote microphone for hearing in noise and over distance, allows cell phone connectivity via Bluetooth, and provides easy connection to TV and other audio devices.


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