Roger™ receivers

When connected or installed to hearing aids or cochlear implants, these receivers allow your clients to hear sounds transmitted by a Roger microphone.

Receiver types

Roger X receiver


RogerDirect is an industry-first from Phonak that allows Roger microphones to stream directly to the hearing aids. After a simple installation of the receiver, clients benefit from the proven performance of Roger, in loud noise and over distance, without attaching an external receiver.1

Roger 15 Receiver

Roger™ design-integrated receivers

Roger design-integrated receivers bring industry-leading speech-in-noise performance to Phonak hearing aid wearers. They perfectly complement the sleek contours of a Phonak hearing aid and are available in matching colors. There are also Roger design-integrated receivers compatible with selected cochlear implants (CIs) from Cochlear, MED-EL and Advanced Bionics and are available in the same colors as the CI sound processor.

Roger X receiver

Roger™ X

Roger X is a miniature universal receiver that is compatible with almost every hearing aid and cochlear implant speech processor on the market. It functions when connected to an audio shoe or streamer. Roger X is able to install Roger receiver via the Roger Installer*.

Roger MyLink neckloop receiver

Roger™ MyLink

Roger MyLink is a universal neckloop receiver compatible with any hearing aid or cochlear implant with a T-coil.

Roger Focus receiver

Roger™ Focus

Roger Focus, a discreet behind-the-ear receiver, minimizes distracting background noise for children with normal hearing but attention-related issues. By bringing a speaker’s words directly to the child’s ears, Roger Focus helps the child to focus and understand more.

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Roger™ Configurator

Find Roger™ receivers for any hearing aid or cochlear implant.

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* available for Roger X with serial number with first four digits 1744xxxx and higher