Roger™ Focus II



Technical Paper: Phonak Insight. Roger - The new wireless technology standard

Mülder, H., 2013

Field Study: Roger Focus for school children - Study confirms the performance, fit and benefit of a new wireless communication system designed for individuals with at least one normal hearing ear


Lien web: The use of Listening Devices to Ameliorate Auditory Deficit in Children with Autism.

Rance, Gary ; Saunders, Keryn ; Carew, Peter ; Johansson, Marlin ; Tan, Johanna (2014). The Journal of Pediatrics 2014

Lien web: Multiple benefits of personal FM system use by children with auditory processing disorder (APD)

Johnston, K.N., John, A.B., Kreisman, N.V., Hall III, J.W. et Crandell, C.C. (2009). International Journal of Audiology, vol. 48. pp. 371-378


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Plus d'études