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Phonak expands its unique CROS portfolio: More solutions for single sided deafness

Two new Phonak CROS form factors set standards in longer battery life and reliability

Stäfa, Switzerland (June 4, 2012) – Phonak presents two new solutions, Phonak CROS H2O and Phonak CROS 13, as the latest additions to its well-established and unique CROS portfolio for single sided deafness. Based on the innovative Phonak Spice+ platform, this expanded product offering addresses the needs of end-users who don’t want to compromise on battery lifetime and reliability.

Single sided deafness means having unaidable hearing in one ear and better hearing in the other. Fitting these kind of losses has always been a challenge, Phonak has since long been dedicated to providing an effective solution for people suffering from those type of hearing losses. Based on the Phonak Spice+ platform, the Phonak CROS (Contralateral Routing of Signals) solution is the only one that ensures full bandwidth of audio transmission between the ears and therefore offers the best possible sound quality to its users. Now, the Phonak CROS portfolio has been expanded with two new solutions, both of which are cosmetically attractive and offer the reliability that Phonak is renowned for. These new products are compatible with all wireless hearing aids in the Spice+ portfolio. “Our two new product enhancements, Phonak CROS H2O and Phonak CROS 13, provide truly satisfying solutions for wearers with one-sided hearing with state-of-the-art technology in terms of battery lifetime and reliability”, says Maarten Barmentlo, GVP Marketing of Phonak. “With the addition of these new products, the entire Phonak CROS portfolio together with the wireless Spice+ instruments can be combined in more than 300 ways offering ultimate flexibility.”

CROS Retention

Highest standards for water and dust resistance
One new member of the Phonak CROS family is the perfect choice for those seeking exceptional performance during all daily activities. Thanks to the robust M H2O behind-the-ear (BTE) housing, the Phonak CROS H2O provides the industry’s highest standards for water and dust resistance (with IP67 certification). The size 13 battery practically doubles the battery lifetime. A host of retention options guarantee a secure fit while keeping the ear open and comfortable. Together with a water-resistant Spice+ hearing aid on the better ear, it is the first ever waterresistant CROS system.

Best choices in terms of cosmetic appeal, sound quality and battery life
The other new form factor, Phonak CROS 13, is the perfect fit for people who desire longer battery life in a cosmetically attractive custom solution. Various in-the-ear (ITE) CROS transmitter styles with a size 13 battery provide more choice.

The new Phonak CROS solutions are extremely easy to connect and fit with Phonak Target™ 2.1 fitting software. Based on the Spice+ platform, Phonak CROS ensures full bandwidth of audio transmission with the best possible sound quality. With all of these benefits the expanded Phonak CROS portfolio offers, people with single sided deafness the opportunity to spontaneously enjoy all situations in life.

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