Phonak publishes Consensus Statement on eAudiology

The consensus paper is the result of an Expert Panel convened by Phonak in January 2018 and provides recommendations for hearing care professionals on how to shift from theory to practice.

Stäfa (Switzerland), September 5, 2018 – Phonak, the leading global provider of hearing aids and wireless communication solutions, just published a consensus statement on eAudiology drawn up by international experts in the field of eAudiology. The aim of this paper is to provide recommendations to hearing care professionals for integrating eAudiology into their practice as a means to enhance patient care, reach new patients, and increase the value of their services.

Technological innovations that built on connectivity and smart technology have proven to be powerful, disruptive forces in several fields, including the healthcare industry where digital transformation is having a significant effect on patient care and clinical practice.

This shift is also driven by the fact that patients are more and more involved when it comes to their own healthcare. According to a recent study, 82% of patients surveyed were able to install software without assistance. 60% even declared a preference for remote appointments in the future over face-to-face appointments.1 The new telehealth or e-health technologies enable patients to access care from the comfort and convenience of their homes, their social environments and even from remote locations where the distances to hospitals and healthcare providers are great.

Shifting from theory to practice

In order to support hearing care professionals moving from theory to practice, Phonak has convened an expert circle, consisting of international opinion leaders. Chaired by Joseph Montano, Professor of Audiology at Weill Cornell Medical College, New York, this group is, amongst other things, a key contributor to the Phonak year-long, monthly eAudiology webinar series.

A further result of their work is a consensus statement designed to help align terminology used to describe remote delivery of care, discuss benefits and barriers to eAudiology and options available for hearing care professionals.

180905_Consensus statement_graphic_HR.png

eAudiology: technologies and services enabling remote provision of audiologic care at each stage along the patient journey


Win-win-win situation

Overcoming distance and access to care is one of the most important benefits for patients. eAudiology also offers a great opportunity for a Family-Centered Care approach as remote support will enable families to be involved in the care of their loved ones, even if they are geographically separated. For hearing care professionals, eAudiology also brings along new opportunities: they can offer patients new services, more convenient access to audiologic service, cost-effective options, and improve both their workflow and the quality of care. This, in turn, may increase customer loyalty and help reach new patients.

“This is a clinically relevant paper written by experts explaining the digital transformation happening in audiology today and the benefits it has for patients, hearing care providers and business practices alike”, said Ora Buerkli, Vice President of Global Audiology at Phonak Headquarters in Switzerland. “It also contains key factors geared to facilitate the incorporation of eAudiology services in practice”.


The full Consensus Statement in English can be accessed on Hearing Review online.


1 Angley GP, Schnittker JA, Tharpe AM. Remote hearing aid support: The next frontier. J Am Acad Audiol. 2017; 28(10): 893-900.


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