Introducing eAudiology

eAudiology can be used to deliver hearing care services when an in-clinic visit is not possible.

Quick start in Audiology

Zip Archive: Package

A package of 5 essential resources to start with eAudiology

eAudiology journey

Preparation and client selection

Guide: Digital Hearing Healthcare Guide

Step-by-step guide on digital service delivery for hearing care professionals.

Guide: myPhonak candidacy checklist

Determine the ideal candidate for myPhonak app

Guide: Optimize your practice environment

Step-by-step guide to optimize your space for eAudiology

Asset: Clinical implementation guidelines

A summary of 10 things to consider first before conducting Remote Support

Guide: Staff Role-Play

Pre-appointment checklist and staff Role-play instructions

Screening and assessment

Guide: Audiogram Direct - Guide

Step-by-step guide on how to perform a audiogram direct with Remote Support

Video: Audiogram Direct –How to conduct a Audiogram Direct with Remote Support

This video shows how to start and conduct a Remote Session using Audiogram Direct in Phonak Target

FAQ: Audiogram Direct - FAQ

A summary of frequently asked questions on Audiogram Direct

Set up and provision

Video: Phonak Target – Test Remote Support connection

Run a internet connection test in Phonak Target fitting software

Video: Phonak Target – How to prepare for a Remote Session and Hearing Diary

This video shows how to invite a client to a Remote Support session in Phonak Target

Video: Phonak Target – How to start a Remote Support session

Learn how to start a Remote Support session in Phonak Target fitting software

Guide: Phonak Target – Fitting Guide

A detailed introduction to successfully conduct a follow up Phonak Target fitting session using Phonak Remote Support

Presentation: Phonak Target

A summary of the frequently asked technical questions

Client set up, assistance and follow-up

User Guide: Remote Support and Fitting – Guide

A clients guide to setting up and pairing hearing aid(s) at home

Asset: Set clients up for Remote Support Success

A 4-step guide for setting up a Remote Support session in Phonak Target and a client’s mobile phone

Guide: At Home Ear Measurements - Guide

Step-by-step guide for clients on how to determine the appropriate length of hearing aid tubes at home

Guide: Hearing Diary - Fast Facts

User Guide: myPhonak app – User Guide

Installation and functionalities myPhonak on a mobile device including Phonak Remote Support instructions