Roger™ Touchscreen Mic


Beautyshot Roger Touchscreen Mic

White Paper: Phonak Insight. Roger™ Touchscreen Mic Small Group mode

Rich, S. and Gigandet, X., 2016

White Paper: Phonak Insight. Roger Pen - Bridging the understanding gap


White Paper: Phonak Insight. Roger - The new wireless technology standard

Mülder, H., 2013

Field Study: Comparison of Roger Pen automatic mode with manual mode

Mülder, H., 2015

Journal Article: Speech understanding in noise with the Roger Pen, Naida CI Q70 processor, and integrated Roger 17 receiver in a multi-talker network

Geert Ceulaer, Julie Bestel, Hans E. Mülder, Felix Goldbeck, Sebastien Pierre Janssens Varebeke, Paul J. Govaerts, 2015

Field Study: A powerful noise-fighting duo: Roger™ and Phonak directionality

Rakita, L. and Jones, C., 2016


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