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Our audiologists have stories. Lots of them.

Stories that illustrate their passion, their dedication, and their love for what they do. What drove them to the field of Audiology? How did they end up at Phonak? What do they cherish most about their work? Who are the people whom they are helping lead fuller lives?

We are proud of the expertise, the passion, the devotion, and the love that our audiologists have for what they do. So we asked our 16 Audiologists to describe what they do, and why they do it, in just six words. Their stories are incredible. 

The result? Our new Faces of Audiology campaign, which captures in words and video the pride and dedication these people bring to their work every day.

Passionate people bringing Audiology to life

Meet Lisa Bacic

Lisa was inspired by her brother who was born blind and wanted to help create a better, more accessible world for people with hearing loss.

Listen to Lisa's story by clicking on her video to the right.

Meet Jacqueline Drexler

Jacqueline dealt with her own hearing loss growing up, and the struggle to master the violin (she succeeded!) drives her passion for helping others overcome the toughest challenges . . .

Listen to Jacqueline’s story by clicking on her video to the right.

Meet Ananya Herbert

Ananya worked at a camp for children with special needs, and was so moved by the experience that she joined Phonak to help both kids and adults to live more complete lives.

Listen to Ananya's story by clicking on her video to the right.

We think you'll agree. Our audiologists are a special bunch of people.

This campaign is dedicated to telling their stories . . . in six words or less. 

Click on any of the Six-word stories below and you'll be brought to that audiologist's unique page where you can hear their story and learn a little more about their inspirational work at Phonak.