Angela Pelosi, Director of Global Audiology

“Because of the work that we do, people with hearing loss can live full lives .”

Research, product development, training, resources . . . as the Director of Global Audiology, Angela is involved in all of it. She likes to say that “Audiology is ingrained in everything we do at Phonak.” It’s also ingrained in her.

Angela’s bio

During Angela's more than 15 year career at Sonova, she has led various teams in Audiology, Sales and Marketing and most recently the Pediatric and Severe-to-Profound teams. 

In her latest role as Director of Global Audiology, she is dedicated in ensuring Audiological excellence throughout the organization - from innovation and product development, to validation and scientific studies, to education and training.

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Christine Jones, Vice President Audiology and Medicalization Connect Hearing USA, and Angela Pelosi, Director Global Audiology at Phonak HQ, talking about the dimensions of Well-Hearing is Well-Being.


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The Phonak Blended Real-time Interactions and Digital-Guided Experiences (BRIDGE) model provides a flexible method for delivering critical components in hearing healthcare via eAudiology.

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