Jacqueline Drexler, Audiology Manager

“I don't like when people say I can't do something . . . because I can.”

As a child, Jacqueline was told she couldn’t play the violin because of her hearing loss. Nonsense, she thought. She and her mom fought the decision and eventually she became First Chair. She brings that same determination to her work at Phonak, helping others overcome obstacles in every phase of life.

Jacqueline’s bio

Jacqueline received her Doctor of Audiology degree from University at Buffalo, New York. Jacqueline joined Sonova in 2017 and is currently the Audiology Manager for Phonak Target, based in Switzerland. She strives to ensure hearing care professionals  have an optimal fitting experience with Target. Jacqueline brings a unique perspective to product development with both her audiological background and experience living with hearing loss.

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