Jennifer Appleton-Huber, Scientific Audiologist

“It’s those stories you never forget. It’s why I love what I do.”

When working in a clinic, Jennifer met a woman who lost her hearing in her 30s. She was lost. She couldn’t even have a conversation with her Mum via FaceTime. When Jennifer fit her with her first hearing aid, “Her whole face lit up,” she says. “She came alive.” It was those magical moments that brought her to Phonak so she could help shape the future of hearing aid technology.

Jennifer’s bio

Jennifer joined Phonak HQ in 2013. She previously worked clinically as an Audiological Scientist mainly in the UK and Switzerland, with both adults and pediatrics (in the areas of hearing aids and cochlear implants). She received her MSc in Audiology from the University of Manchester.

Jennifer’s bio

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Infographic: Serenity Choice

Protecting hearing while allowing the ear to breathe and outperforming with regards to sound quality.

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Peru and the hearing test factory

560 wax occlusions, 21 infections, two Piñata foam pieces and a live insect (a cochineal)! – some otoscopy findings during your typical week of hearing screening in Lima.

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The proof is in the publication

Phonak puts evidence-based research at the core of every new product and feature. Browse these resources to learn more about the science behind our technologies.

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Serenity Choice
Hearing test factory

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