Jodie Nelson, Pediatric Audiology Manager

“You often work with kids for many years. So they become like special nieces and nephews”

“When we’re working with a child”, Jodie says, “you’re not just talking about two ears that don’t hear very well. We're not even just talking about a child who has a hearing loss. We're talking about the entire family, so the entire family becomes our client.They all play a huge part in the child’s hearing loss journey and the relationship that evolves.”

Jodie’s bio

Jodie Nelson is the Phonak Pediatric Audiology Manager based at Phonak headquarters in Switzerland. In her role she ensures that Phonak offers the highest quality pediatric hearing solutions for children with all degrees and types of hearing loss. She works by the motto ‘every child matters’. Her knowledge is based on years of clinical experiences while working as a Pediatric Audiologist and Clinical leader in Australia.

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Pediatric solutions

Enabling young listeners to communicate more effectively allows them to build strong bonds.

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Pediatric solutions
Roger Focus II
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