Lisa Bacic, Rehabilitation Manager and Editorial Manager, Phonak Audiology Blog

“If someone has a difference of any kind, it doesn’t mean they have less of a future. Anything is possible.”

Lisa’s brother was born blind, and that was a time when there weren’t all the tools and resources that are available today. She says we’ve come so far in being able to support people to the point where they have no limitations. “It’s why I love what I do today,” she says. “I’ve seen how people can thrive when they’re given the support and resources they need. Being a part of Phonak helps to make this happen.”

Lisa’s bio

Lisa worked as a clinical speech-language pathologist in Canada for over 15 years before  joining Phonak HQ in 2016. In her role as Rehabilitation Manager, she strives to offer resources that give children and adults the skills they need to communicate with confidence. In her role as Editorial Manager, she aims to keep hearing care professionals informed on all topics related to audiology. Lisa received her undergraduate degree from Western University, Canada and her graduate degree in Speech Pathology and Audiology from Western Michigan University, USA.




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Benefits of auditory skills training

Audiologists are ideally positioned to connect clients to resources that address their personal hearing and communication goals. Although results vary with different programs, auditory skills training has the potential to impact the quality of life of those with hearing loss.

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Improving outcomes

In this short article, Lisa Bacic shares how remote microphone systems can help preschool children get access to up to two million more words by the time they reach school-age.

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Phonak Audiology Blog

In this video, Lisa Bacic explains why the Blog is a must read for busy hearing care professionals.

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Benefits of auditory skills training
Improving outcomes

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