Lisa Dyre, Clinical Development and Education Manager

“There is no such thing as a generic solution to a patient.”

The one thing that never changes about Audiology is that everything is constantly changing. The technology, the training, the needs of the patients . . . they are all in a state of flux. And Lisa loves staying on top of those changes. “There are so many exciting things happening in Audiology right now,” she says. “I’m involved in helping advance our eAudiology, telehealth and remote support services; which means there are no ears left behind.”

Lisa’s bio

Lisa is passionate about helping those with hearing loss. She has worked in a variety settings in her over 30+ year career -both clinical and educational. She joined Phonak in 2010 as a Pediatric Account Manager. Currently, as the Clinical Development and Education Manager she is responsible for developing tools and educating hearing care professionals especially in the area of eAudiology.  Lisa earned her Doctorate of Audiology from A.T. Still University in Arizona, and her Masters in Audiology from the University of Texas at Austin.

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