Paul Kreimer, Sales Audiology Manager

“The best thing about audiology is it’s never the same day twice.”

"A lot of people", says Paul, "think hearing aids are like eyeglasses: You just get a prescription. But it doesn’t work that way because every patient is different. That’s where listening skills come into play. Audiology is 50% science,” says Paul. “The other 50% is the art of really listening to what a person’s needs are.”

Paul’s bio

Paul obtained his M.A. in Audiology in 1998 before joining the work force. He worked in a variety of clinical settings, including hospitals, ENT offices, a VA hospital and finally private practice. In 2009, he joined Phonak as a clinical trainer. After managing a team of wonderfully skilled trainers for the last 5 years, Paul recently changed direction and joined the Global HQ Audiology team to continue to grow and learn from this talented group.

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