Shin-Shin Hobi, Senior Audiology Manager

“I love when I am explaining something, and you see the person’s eyes light up - that 'light bulb' moment in their head.”

Learning and then passing on that knowledge. That’s how Shin-Shin spends her days at Phonak. First, she herself has to master new technical concepts from R&D. “I enjoy the challenge of understanding how things work”, she says. “But what’s even more satisfying is then transferring that knowledge to others, so more and more people can benefit from the latest technology and hearing aid products.”

Shin-Shin’s bio

Shin-Shin has been working at Phonak HQ as an Audiology Manager since 2006. In her current role  she ensures end user and hearing care professional needs are taken in to account during product development.  She has a keen interest in product training and tinnitus. Originally from Australia, Shin-Shin earned her Audiology qualifications from University of Melbourne. She gained wide clinical experience in private practice, in Perth, before making the move to Switzerland.

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