Stacey Rich, Manager Audiology Leadership and Education

“You can’t just take a hearing aid out of the box and put it on.”

"It’s one thing to have excellent technology," says Stacey. "And Phonak certainly does. But", she says, "creating the technology solutions is the beginning of the process, not the end. It’s no good to anyone if they just buy our hearing aids and never use it,” she says. “The person using it has to understand the benefits. Which means the Hearing Care Professionals need to know it inside and out, too."

Stacey’s bio

For the last 12 years Stacey has held various audiology and training roles with a special interest in pediatrics. She currently leads the Audiology Leadership and Education team at Phonak HQ based in Switzerland and lives in North Carolina. Before becoming an audiologist, she worked as an American Sign Language interpreter. Stacey completed her Master of Clinical Audiology degree in 2003 and worked as a pediatric clinician fitting children with hearing aids and remote microphone systems in Australia until joining Phonak in late 2008.

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